Enjoy the Balls. Leave the wrinkles to us.

D.R. (Boston)

"When I found out I had wrinkly balls, I thought my life was over. But with the help of WrinklyBalls.com, and a series of highly invasive surgeries, I'm able to live something close to a normal life. Thanks WrinklyBalls.com!"

In the News

It happens at 40

Breakthrough research from the ABA confirms that ball wrinkles are directly correlated with age, with the largest increase coming exactly at 40

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Women Agree

9 out of 10 women now agree that smooth balls are the leading factor in being able to achieve orgasm, and feel complete

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Surgeon General Speaks Out

The Surgeon General issues new guidelines - "If you're old as fuck, check your balls today."

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Highly invasive ball surgeries and you. How wrinklyballs.com can change your life

Learn more about Wrinkly Balls' patented technique for adjusting each and every wrinkle by hand

The first conversation about wrinkly balls can be a sensitive one. This article was written by our experienced counselors who have had thousands of conversations about old, wrinkly balls. Let them help guide you through the beginning of what will be a very long road to recovery.

Talking to a friend about their wrinkly balls. Dos and Donts:

  • Do not ask to see their balls right away
  • Do offer to show them your balls right away
  • Do not mention avocados, walnuts, or prunes
  • Do talk about hard boiled eggs, tomatoes, and grapes
  • Do not let them leave without committing to get help
  • Do lie to them and tell them it will be okay